Events to be Held in the University Club except where otherwise indicated.

Friday, March 23


4:00 – 4:40: Introductory Session: Questions Concerning Discovery and Justification in Aristotle

Speaker: Gregory Salmieri

4:45 – 6:30:  Title, "Epistemology and Psychology in Aristotle's Posterior Analytics II.19"

Author: Robert Bolton

Commentator: Joel Yurdin

Chair: Allan Gotthelf

7:00 Dinner (at The Silk Elephant)

Saturday, March 24

9:00: Breakfast served

9:30 – 12:15: Epistēmē vs. other States

Author 1: Michail Peramatzis, “Aristotle on Knowledge and Belief: Posterior Analytics A.33”)

Author 2: Pieter Hasper "Between Science and Dialectic: Aristotle's Account of Good and Bad Peirastic Arguments in the Sophistical Refutations"

Commentator: Ben Morison

Chair: Michael Ferejohn


12:15 – 1:45: Lunch (catered)

1:45 – 3:30: "The Locality of Norms & The Causes of Sleep"

Author: Alan Code

Commentator: James Lennox

Chair: Andrea Falcon


3:45 – 5:30: "Aristotle on Practical and Theoretical Knowledge"

Author: David Charles

Commentator: David Reeve

Chair: Kathleen Cook

7:30: Dinner (at Jim Lennox’s house)

Sunday, March 23

8:30: Breakfast served

9:00 – 10:45: "Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Endoxa: Reputable and Plausible Beliefs in the Topics"

Author: Joe Karbowski

Commentator: James Allen

Chair: Kristen Inglis


11:00 – 12:30: Round-Table

Leaders: James Lennox and Gregory Salmieri

12:30: Lunch served.